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This test case tests the ABRT's ability to process crashes of binaries running in a container.


Install you favourite container technology (Docker, LXC, systemd-nspawn) and start a container. You can use [Docker and Fedora 22 Alpha Base image]

How to test

  1. Turn on ABRT core dump hook:
    systemctl start abrt-ccpp.service
  2. Kill sleep with SIGSEGV in your container.
    docker run -it --rm Fedora-Docker-Base-22_Alpha-20150305.x86_64 bash
    sleep 1000 &
    kill -SEGV %%
  3. run abrt-cli
    sudo abrt-cli list -d

Expected Results

  1. abrt-cli list's output should contain these fiels: container, container_cmdline, container_id, container_image and docker_inspect. The latter one will be empty and the one before the latter will not exists if you have SELinux enforcing :