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This test case checks whether sosreport cooperates with ABRT correctly.

How to test

  1. Ensure the sos package is installed with the command su -c 'yum install sos'
  2. sosreport is disabled by default, enable it by editing the config file /etc/abrt/abrt_event.conf, and commenting out line EVENT= relevant to sosreport, so you have
    nice sosreport --tmp-dir "$DUMP_DIR" --batch \
  3. Restart the abrtd service: su -c 'systemctl restart abrtd.service'
  4. Crash a running application, with the command pkill -SIGSEGV (appname)
  5. Wait for a crash notification to appear: it might take some time (~20 s) before the icon appears, as it waits for sosreport to finish

Expected Results

  1. Verify that the file sosreport.tar.xz exists in directory /var/spool/abrt/<the_crash_directory> and has some reasonable content
  2. The tarball should contain config files from /etc, grub.conf, some info from /proc, loaded modules, and much more