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Associated release criterion
This test case is associated with the Basic_Release_Criteria#installer-interfaces release criterion. If you are doing release validation testing, a failure of this test case may be a breach of that release criterion. If so, please file a bug and nominate it as blocking the appropriate milestone, using the blocker bug nomination page.


This is to verify that Anaconda can perform an installation over the VNC remote desktop protocol


  1. Prepare any non-live media for booting the installer (anything except Live.iso)
  2. Install a VNC viewer, e.g. vinagre or tigervnc.

How to test

  1. In the initial boot menu screen, append inst.vnc boot option and boot the installer
    • Optionally, you can also add inst.vncpassword=<password> boot option to encrypt the VNC connection.
  2. The installer prints out a message similar to this (depending whether you provided the password or not) and waits:
    09:12:24 Starting VNC...
    09:12:25 The VNC server is now running.
    WARNING!!! VNC server running with NO PASSWORD!
    You can use the vncpassword=<password> boot option
    if you would like to secure the server.
    09:12:25 Please manually connect your vnc client to to begin the install.
  3. Connect with a VNC client (vncviewer, vinagre) to the specified address, you should see the graphical installation:
  4. Proceed and complete the installation with the VNC client.
  5. Boot the new system and check it starts in the text mode (runlevel 3):
    $ runlevel 
    N 3

Expected Results

  1. The installer starts the VNC server and prints out information how to connect to it
  2. You can connect with a VNC client and see the graphical installation
    • If the VNC connection was encrypted, you are asked for a password. Providing correct password unlocks the session, incorrect passwords are rejected. If the connection was not encrypted, no password is necessary.
  3. The installer displays and works properly
  4. The installation completes successfully
  5. The installed system boots into runlevel 3 (text mode)