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This test case tests the installer's ability to remove all partitions (including partitions created by other operation systems) and use GPT disklabel with BIOS boot partition to create new partitions on all space.

How to test

  1. Boot the installer using any available means (netinst/boot.iso, PXE, or DVD.iso)
  2. Proceed to the installation partition screen by selecting appropriate defaults
  3. At the disk partitioning screen, select the partition layout Use All Space, select Next
  4. Continue installation, choosing all provided defaults and selecting Next

Expected Results

  1. The installer will successfully partition a bootable system using all space
  2. BIOS Boot partition should be created by default
  3. GPT partition table should be set by default
  4. After installation, system boots GPT disks successfully via BIOS Boot partition
  5. On the installed system, verify GPT disklabel with this command (replace /dev/sda if appropriate):
  6. # parted /dev/sda
    (parted) print
    Partition Table: gpt