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We are going to test if the atomic command works in the Atomic images.


Test this on an Atomic instance only.

How to test

Be as specific as required for the target audience.

  1. ssh into the Atomic instance.
  2. Next we will execute the atomic command
$ sudo atomic run busybox

Expected Results

The following must be true to consider this a successful test run. Be brief ... but explicit.

  1. Step #1 you should be able to login to the instance.
  2. Step #2 should give you output like below
Using default tag: latest
Trying to pull repository ... latest: Pulling from library/busybox
4b51ded9aed1: Pull complete 
307ac631f1b5: Pull complete 
Digest: sha256:4a887a2326ec9e0fa90cce7b4764b0e627b5d6afcb81a3f73c85dc29cea00048
Status: Downloaded newer image for
/usr/bin/docker create -t -i --name busybox busybox sh

Remember that the hashes may change, but it should start a busybox container.

  1. Program completes with exit code 0


If you want, you can check the running containers by the following command.

$ sudo docker ps