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Review documentation correctness and comprehensibility for Fedora CoreOS.

How to test

  1. Visit Fedora CoreOS documentation.
  2. Pick a section and read through it. Does the text make sense? Is there something important missing? Is some part confusing or unclear? Is the section properly placed in the table-of-contents structure, or should it be moved elsewhere?
  3. (Optional) Follow the steps mentioned in the documentation with your own machine and verify that the machine behaves as expected according to your documentation.

Expected Results

  1. The documentation makes sense, nothing is obviously missing, and the instructions are clear. Individual sections are placed logically in the documentation structure and can be easily found.
  2. The steps mentioned in the documentation reflect what you see on your own machine.
  3. If you find issues please report it or open a PR to fix it in the documentation sources. Report opened issues or PRs in the test day application.