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This test case is to test dnf5 distro-sync / dsync commands


Install the pre-release version of Fedora 38

How to test

  • Install dnf5 using sudo dnf -y install dnf5
  • Downgrade a package to a lower release than the one available in repo using sudo dnf5 downgrade <package_name> --releasever=37
  • Upgrade another package to a higher release than the one in repo using sudo dnf5 install fedora-repos-rawhide and sudo dnf5 upgrade <package_name> --enablerepo=rawhide
  • Synchronise your packages with packages in repos using sudo dnf5 distro-sync

Expected Results

  • Dnf5 package is installed successfully
  • Packages get downgraded/upgraded to match their current versions in repository
  • Repeated use of ‘dnf5 distro-sync’ doesn’t do any transaction