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This test case is to test dnf5 repoquery / repolist commands


Install the pre-release version of Fedora 38

How to test

  • Install dnf5 using sudo dnf -y install dnf5
  • Run dnf5 repolist --all
  • Run dnf5 repolist
  • Run dnf5 repolist --disabled
  • Run dnf5 repoinfo
  • Compare the installed packages output from dnf5 repoquery --installed with output from rpm.
diff -y <(rpm --queryformat "%{NAME}-%{EPOCHNUM}:%{VERSION}-%{RELEASE}.%{ARCH}\n" -qa | sort) \
<(dnf5 repoquery --installed | sort) | grep '[<>]'
  • Pick any package and query the information about it using dnf5 repoquery --info <package>
  • Exploratory testing: explore the help section of dnf5 repoquery and run it with options of your choice. We are especially curious about these options:

Expected Results

  • Dnf5 package is installed successfully
  • Dnf5 repolist --all prints all repositories and includes the information whether the repository is enabled or disabled
  • Dnf5 repolist prints only enabled repositories
  • Dnf5 repolist prints only disabled repositories
  • Dnf5 repoinfo prints correct details about the repositories
  • List of packages is the same (with the allowed exception of gpg-pubkey* packages)
  • Dnf5 repoquery --info prints the detailed information about the package
  • Dnf5 repoquery executed with options behaves according to the help of man page.