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This test case tests the basic functionality of the gnome-abrt.


Create few crashes to populate gnome-abrt with some data. Please, create

  1. crash for an applications having a desktop entry (gnome-abrt is one of these applications)
  2. not reportable problem (an oops from QA:Testcase ABRT kernel)
  3. known crash (all will-crash crashes should be known)

How to test

  1. run gnome-abrt in terminal
  2. wait until the main window is visible
  3. Go through the list of all problems and select one by one
  4. Single out any problem and click on the Report button
  5. Single out another problem and click on the Delete button
  6. Select more problems and click on the Delete button again
  7. Keep gnome-abrt running and crash an application
  8. Try to start an another instance of gnome-abrt: run gnome-abrt in terminal
  9. Right click a problem in the list of problems
  10. Click Open problem's data directory from the context menu.
  11. Click Copy problem's ID to clipboard from the context menu.
  12. Find and select the not reportable problem
  13. Find and select the known problem

Expected Results

  1. In the main window you should see a list of previously detected problems.
  2. Step #3 an icon for an application with a desktop entry is shown
  3. Step #4 the reporting application started successfully
  4. Step #5 a selected problem was deleted
  5. Step #6 all selected problems were deleted
  6. Step #7 a problem for a newly created crashed appeared in the list of problems
  7. Step #8 the second instance didn't start and the first got focus
  8. Step #10 the default file system browser should appear
  9. Step #11 clipboard should contain the path to problem's data directory
  10. Step #12 Report button is disabled and the not reportable text is visible in the main window
  11. Step #13 links to FAF server and Bugzilla should be visible below Reported to label