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Test features that make Fedora usable by people with disabilities of physical challenges. Even if you don't personally need to use accessibility features, it is still important to test them for others.


It is helpful to enable the accessibility menu. In the Settings app, open "Accessibility" and then turn on "Always Show Universal Access Menu".

How to test

  1. Toggle each of the settings in the accessibility menu, and ensure that each feature works correctly. In particular try zoom, screen reader, and screen keyboard.
  2. In the Accessibility section in the Settings app, click on the Zoom row. Change some of the options and check that they correctly change the behavior of the zoom feature.
  3. In the Accessibility settings, open "Typing Assist", then turn on "Enable by Keyboard". Hold down the Shift key for at least 8 seconds.

Expected Results

  1. All accessibility functions should turn on and work in response to the menu toggles (no re-login necessary).
  2. All zoom options should have the expected effect and the zoom should not make the system unstably slow. Other options should behave as expected.
  3. A notification should tell you that slow keys were turned on, and offer you to turn it off or keep it.