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Create boxes for various operating systems using manual installation and see if it goes as expected.


ISO, CD/DVD and USB stick with Fedora 17 and 16, Windows XP and 7, Debian, Ubuntu or other.

How to test

1. Click on "New" and then on "Continue".

2. Insert installation CD/DVD or USB stick of operating system. Or select ISO from list, URL or file.

3. Set "Express Install" to OFF (only showed when you are installing Windows or Fedora) and click on "Continue".

4. Check informations about the box: System, Memory and Disk.

5. Click on "Create".

6. Manually install operating system.

Expected Results

2. Installation CD/DVD or USB stick should be autodetected after insertion. List should contain list of ISOs located in Download directory.

4. "System" should contain correct name of selected operating system. Memory and Disk size should comply with minimum hardware requirements for given operating system.

5. Box should boot into installer.

6. Box should reboot after successful installation into installed operating system.