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Test GNOME Calendar application.


  1. Ensure that GNOME Calendar (package gnome-calendar) is installed.
  2. Optional: If you use a network calendar, e.g. Google Calendar, start Settings -> Online Accounts and add your online account. That will allow you to easily use and test your existing calendar. Otherwise you'll need to start with just a local empty calendar.
    • The failure to add an online account is not a failure of this test case, but a failure in GNOME Online Accounts.

How to test

  1. In GNOME, start Calendar or run gnome-calendar command.
  2. Look at your existing calendars in the Calendars list. If you have network calendars, you might need to synchronize them first, so that your events show up. Confirm that events from your network calendars display properly.
  3. Create multiple new events, with different attributes (different names, different days, concrete time span or all day, spanning multiple days, recurring, etc). Try to cover as many different event attributes as possible. All created events should display as expected.
  4. Switch between different views (month, week, etc). Your events should render properly.
    • Hint: In the week view, you can zoom the vertical time scale with Ctrl+mousewheel, to make it easier to read.
  5. Edit some of the existing events. Edit them and change their attributes, e.g. changing their time, day, name, making them recurring, etc). Also try drag&dropping an event to a different day.
  6. Search for your events. The search results should reflect your expectation.
  7. Delete some events. Delete a recurring event. Delete a particular instance of a recurring event, but keep the other instances.
  8. Create multiple calendars and create events into those different calendars.
  9. Set notifications for your events and test whether a notification arrives at the expected time.
  10. Perform some additional Exploratory testing.

Expected Results

  1. You should see events from your network calendars and also use local calendars.
  2. All operations should behave as expected.
  3. Please report all failures to the GNOME tracker.