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Test Contacts application


  1. Ensure that Contacts (package Package-x-generic-16.pnggnome-contacts) is installed.
  2. Optional: If you have contacts in a cloud, e.g. Google Contacts, start Settings -> Online Accounts and add your online account. That will allow you to easily see and manage your existing contacts. Otherwise you'll need to start with just a local empty address book.
    • The failure to add an online account is not a failure of this test case, but a failure in GNOME Online Accounts.

How to test

  1. Start Contacts or run gnome-contacts command
  2. If you added an online account, you should already see your cloud contacts. Verify that they show up correctly.
  3. Create multiple new contacts, with different properties (names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, etc). Try to cover all possible fields with your new test contacts, so that each field gets some testing. Create multiple fields of the same type in some contacts (e.g. multiple phone numbers). Verify that those contacts were created successfully with requested properties.
  4. Edit some of your existing contacts, change some of their properties, remove some properties, add new ones. Verify that your changes were saved correctly.
  5. Remove some contacts. Verify that those contacts were removed. Close Contacts and start it again, verify again that they are removed.
  6. Search in your contact list for contact names, their emails, phone numbers, etc. Your search results should be as expected.
  7. Test different sorting options, it should work as expected.
  8. Mark some contacts as favorites, it should work as expected.
  9. If you have multiple address books (an online and a local one), go to preferences to pick the default address book. Then create a new contact and verify that it was created in the right address book. Also verify that you can see contacts from all your address books together.
  10. Perform some additional Exploratory testing.

Expected Results

  1. All actions should behave as expected.
  2. Please report all failures to the GNOME tracker.