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This test is to test Gnome Fonts which is a default to select and install fonts.


Ensure you are running the latest version of Gnome and Fonts is installed

How to test

  1. Run $ gnome-font-viewer or head to overview->Fonts
  2. Click on one of the listed fonts
  3. Open the Info dialog
  4. Download a ttf font (e.g. by going to, downloading a collection and unzipping it), and run gnome-font-viewer passing the ttf file as an argument
  5. Click on the Install button

Expected Results

  1. You should see an iconview of all installed fonts, with representative renderings
  2. You should see detailed (waterfall) rendering examples of the selected font
  3. You should see metadata about the selected font, including name, style and copyright information
  4. You should see the detailed rendering page for the font you passed as an argument
  5. The font should be installed and become available in other applications font dialogs