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This test cases covers basic features of GNOME Software.

How to test

  1. In GNOME, run Software.
  2. Browse available applications using the tiles on the explore page, as well as the categories.
    • Look at app descriptions, screenshots, metadata. Everything should look and work as expected.
  3. Search for different applications by name, description, and keyword.
  4. Install several apps. Install some of them as RPMs and some of them as Flatpaks.
    • The newly installed apps should also appear in the Installed section.
  5. Launch some installed apps from their details pages.
  6. Uninstall apps. Do this from both the Installed section and from the details page for that particular app.
  7. Perform a system update, if available. Use the Refresh icon to re-check the state.
  8. Open "Software Repositories" from the menu. Check that the list looks correct, and try enabling/disabling some repositories.
    • After you enable additional repositories, their contents should become available (e.g. enabling the Steam repository should allow you to find and install Steam, enabling Flathub repository should allow you to find and install any application provided by Flathub). After you disable them, it should no longer be possible to find the included apps.
  9. Test that you can't remove the "Software" app itself, there should be no Remove button in this case.
  10. Submit a review for some app that you're familiar with. The review should be then displayed in the list of reviews.
  11. Perform some additional Exploratory testing.

Expected Results

  1. Every action should have the expected result.
  2. Please report all failures to the GNOME tracker.