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This test cases covers basic features of GNOME Software.


Ensure that Software is installed, and launch it.

How to test

  1. Browse available applications using the tiles on the explore page, as well as the categories.
  2. Search for different applications by name, description, and keyword.
  3. Install several apps.
  4. Launch some installed apps from their details pages.
  5. Uninstall apps. Do this from both the installed list and the details page for installed apps.
  6. Install any updates that are available.
  7. Open "Software Repositories" from the menu. Check that the list is correct, and try enabling/disabling some repos.

Expected Results

  1. You should be able to search for, install, and launch apps correctly.
  2. You should be able to uninstall apps.
  3. Software listings should render correctly and results should be valid.
  4. Software updates should be listed and updates should be performed correctly.
  5. Software sources should be available.