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GNOME comes with lots of changes to System Settings, including improvements to the main interface as well to individual settings panels.

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  • Open "User menu" - "System Settings".

How to test

  1. Change desktop wallpaper in "Background". Try to drag & drop new picture from Files or set new wallpaper from context menu in Files and Image Viewer. Try the same with lockscreen wallpaper.
  2. Open "Mouse & Touchpad" configuration and try various options. If you are using a touchpad enable "Content sticks to fingers".
  3. Open "Printers" configuration and try to add new printer, change various options and print a test page. "Show" active jobs when you are printing a test page.
  4. Explore and test other categories in System Settings.

Expected Results

  1. You can preview current wallpaper and change it. Select new wallpaper from preinstalled wallpapers, your pictures or various colors. Drag & Drop and context menu actions should change your wallpaper.
  2. Every option should behave as expected. "Content sticks to fingers" option should allow you to drag content as if sliding a physical piece of paper.
  3. You can add new printer and configure existing printer. Test page is printed and you can show active jobs.
  4. Every option should have expected result and System Settings should not crash.