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Test Gnome Text Editor


  1. Make sure that GNOME Text Editor (package gnome-text-editor) is installed.

How to test

  1. From GNOME start Text Editor, or run gnome-text-editor command
  2. Type some random text, save it as a file, close the editor.
  3. In file browser, verify that the file has been saved in the selected location.
  4. Open the text file from the file browser, verify that it contains the text you typed down.
  5. Type some more text. Then hit Ctrl+Z repeatedly to undo your latest changes and return back to the original text you started with.
  6. Open several tabs, reorder them, close some. They should behave as expected.
  7. Open source code files for different programming languages (popular ones are e.g. Python, Javascript, C, Bash, etc). Text Editor should be able to open all popular types of source code and perform syntax highlighting for them (text coloring).
    • There is a nice collection of source code samples for different languages in this project. Just download and extract the archive and look into archive/.
  8. From the tool menu and app preferences, enable options like line numbers, the right margin or current line highlight and see whether the work as expected.
  9. From the options menu, switch between light and dark mode, change font size, search for a text. See whether they work as expected.
  10. See whether the Open button lists your recently closed documents and whether you can easily reopen them by selecting them.
  11. Perform some additional Exploratory testing.

Expected Results

  1. Text Editor can display and edit all text files including source code files.
  2. Text editing works as expected.
  3. Please report all failures to the GNOME tracker.