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Test Cheese photo booth


  1. This must be run on a system with a video camera (webcam), so typically a laptop or a desktop with a connected video camera. It can't be tested in a virtual machine (unless you're able to route your camera inside).
  2. Ensure that Cheese (package cheese) is installed.

How to test

  1. Start Cheese or run cheese command. You should see the output of your video camera. If not, make sure your camera is not obscured, or try to pick a different device in Cheese preferences.
  2. Take several photos. There should be a countdown and a screen flash, then you should see your photos in the photos bar.
  3. Open a file browser and verify that your photos are also saved in ~/Pictures/Webcam.
  4. Double click on a selected taken photo in the photo bar to enlarge it.
  5. Test other actions in the photo bar in the right click menu, like re-saving the photo elsewhere, or deleting that photo.
  6. Take a burst photo. This should take several photos consecutively, and in general behave the same as when taking a single photo multiple times.
  7. Capture a video. It should also appear in the photos bar below.
  8. Open a file browser and verify that your videos are also saved in ~/Videos/Webcam.
  9. Double click on a selected taken video in the photo bar to replay it.
  10. Activate some effects. Test multiple of them. Take a photo with some effect enabled, and a video some a different effect enabled.
  11. Display the photo and play the video from the photo bar, to confirm the effect was applied when saving them.
  12. Select a range of photos/videos in the photo bar by using Shift and mouse clicking, and move them to trash/delete them.
  13. Select all photos in the photo bar using Ctrl+a and move them to trash/delete them.
  14. Perform some additional Exploratory testing.

Expected Results

  1. All actions should behave as expected.
  2. Please report all failures to the GNOME tracker.