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Testing adding a new user which will be used to connect to the server management interface


Don't forget to install latest updates!

How to test

  1. Become root (if you don't do this - you get Permission Denied errors later)
  2. cd /usr/share/jboss-as/bin/
  3. ./
  4. Select Management User type (hit [Enter])
  5. Select ManagementRealm realm (hit [Enter])
  6. Select a username
  7. Select a password
  8. Re-type password

Expected Results

  1. A new entry with your user should be appended to /etc/jboss-as/standalone/ and /etc/jboss-as/domain/ files
  2. Above files still should be owned by jboss-as user

File permissions
As of version 7.1.0-3, jboss-as contains new way of creating backups for properties files introduced in master. This now leads to some permission changes. We're aware of that and a pull request was sent.