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Calligra Suite offers a comprehensive set of 8 applications which satisfies the office, graphics and project management needs. This test case is freeform testing, try to find your own workflow while using various Calligra Suite applications.

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  • Boot Fedora to KDE4 desktop and install Package-x-generic-16.pngcalligra if it's not already installed.

How to test

  1. Run Calligra Words and try to open documents in ODT, DOC and DOCX formats, create new documents and save them.
  2. Run Calligra Sheets and try to open spreadsheets in ODS, XLS and XLSX formats, create new spreadsheets and save them.
  3. Run Calligra Stage and try to open presentations in ODP, PPT and PPTX formats, create new presentations and save them.
  4. Test other office applications like Flow (creates diagrams and flowcharts, an open alternative to MS Visio) and Kexi (visual database creator, an open alternative to MS Access).
  5. Use Braindump application for creating notes using brainmaps.
  6. Try applications for graphical artists: Krita for sketching and painting raster images and Karbon for creating cliparts, logos and vector images. Open and save images in various supported formats.
  7. Use Plan for project management.

Expected Results

  1. Calligra Suite should open or create and save various document, spreadsheet and presentation formats.
  2. Flow and Kexi should be compatible with Microsoft formats.
  3. Krita nd Karbon should open and save images correctly in various formats.
  4. All applications should be stable and do what is being expected from them.