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KWin got support for plugins and Appmenu.


Enable appmenu by installing package:

yum install appmenu-qt
  1. Navigate: System Settings > Application Appearance > Style > "Fine Tuning" tab.
  2. Change "Menubar style" to "Title bar button" or "Top screen menubar", you can test both.
  3. Logout and login back.

How to test

    1. Appmenu
  1. Open some KDE application, eg. Dolphin.
  2. Find Appmenu in window title bar or move mouse cursor to top-center of screen.
  3. Navigate through Appmenu and try some actions.
    1. KWin plugins
  4. Navigate: System Settings > Windows Behaviour > "KWin Scripts" tab.
  5. Click "Get New script..." and install some random scripts.
  6. Enable some scripts and test them.
  7. Using "Get New script..." and selecting "installed" only, remove installed scripts.

Expected Results

    1. Appmenu
  1. You can find and use Appmenu.
  2. Both "Title bar button" and "Top screen menubar" options works.
    1. KWin plugins
  3. You can install and enable scripts.
  4. Scripts should do what is in their description.
  5. You can remove installed scripts.