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KDE upstream features a Network manager applet.


A PC with a supported wired, wireless (wifi) or mobile (GSM) radio device, and the NetworkManager stack

How to test

  1. Boot to KDE Plasma Desktop, the NM applet icon appears in the system tray
  2. (optional) Check whether you have the wifi radio HW switch on (if present)
  3. Ensure you can see all the available network Interfaces in the left pane of the applet's popup window
  4. Try to connect to some wireless (wifi) access points (APs), preferably using different authentication mechanisms (WEP, WPA, WPA2, ...)
  5. (optional) If available, try to connect to the Internet using your GSM/CDMA mobile phone (connected either via USB tethering or Bluetooth)
  6. (optional) Check whether connecting to your prefered VPN (vpnc, OpenVPN, ...) network is possible

Expected Results

  1. All available network interfaces are visible and accessible
  2. The applet connects to the Internet using any of the available network interfaces and disconnects upon clicking the little red check button next to the interface name