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  • This test case tests libreport integration with firstboot tool

How to test

  1. Firstboot package is required. Run following command to install it: su -c 'yum -y install firstboot'
  2. Backup the /etc/sysconfig/firstboot file: su -c 'mv /etc/sysconfig/firstboot /etc/sysconfig/_firstboot'
  3. Run firstboot as normal user
  4. As the program is not intended to be run by unprivileged user, it will crash
  5. Hit Save button to report the problem
  6. Try to report the problem with Logger reporter
  7. Restore the /etc/sysconfig/firstboot file: su -c 'mv /etc/sysconfig/_firstboot /etc/sysconfig/firstboot'

Expected Results

  1. Report should be generated and saved into the file
  2. The file should contain well formed report of the crash you have caused