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The purpose of this test is to ensure that Amarok works properly with MariaDB database. Amarok is a multimedia (primarily music) collection manager which makes extensive use of database, including importing album covers or song lyrics from the Internet. As a sideeffect, it can also play the collected tracks ...


You just need to install amarok, it pulls mysql-embedded and mysql-libs as dependencies.


1. Install necessary packages

# yum install amarok

2. If started for the first time, Amarok asks for choosing directories with music, so select appropriate directories with sound filies.

3. Check Amarok configuration - Database section.

3a. By default it should use internal database; if you're happy with this setting, it will create its files in ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/mysqle/amarok.

3b. You have the option to use dedicated database server - either on another machine, or you can run the server locally. If you haven't done so as part of other tests, you can install and run it with

# yum install mariadb-server
# systemctl start mysqld

Then follow the hint the Amarok configuration dialogue gives you.

4. Try to search for something in your music collection, tag tracks, create own playlists and play them etc.

Expected behaviour

Amarok should work and store data without warning or errors. After restarting the application or the system (if not run as a Live OS) already stored items should be kept.