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Purpose of this test is to ensure that gammu, a software to control GSM phones, doesn't break if using the mysql backend.


For testing MariaDB you should either use Fedora 19 or enable Fedora 18 testing repository with necessary MariaDB packages.

Recommended: For more valuable results you should have some existing databases already initialized. The more record the databases have the better value the test will have.


1. Install necessary packages

# yum install gammu mariadb-server

2. Run mysqld server locally (if not testing remote MySQL/MariaDB server)

# systemctl start mysqld

3. Configure gammu-smsd as usual.

4. Run gammu-smsd, try if it operates normally.

Expected behaviour

All tasks with gammu-smsd should work without unexpected warnings and changes in the database should be proceeded (you can check this using cli interface).