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This test case cover bonding two or more ethernet interfaces together.


  • Have LAN connection available, preferably with IPv4/IPv6 dualstack support.
  • Have two or more ethernet interfaces.

How to test

  1. Connect all ethernet interfaces to same LAN.
  2. In "nm-connection-editor" add new "Bond" connection and configure it by adding two or more existing interfaces.
  3. Select bonding mode "Active backup". Run ping ip.address.of.gateway and if you have IPv6 connection also: ping6 ip:address::of:gateway. Then physically disconnect and re-connect various interfaces in random (keep at least one connected).
  4. Round-robin
Work in progress, stay tuned!

Expected Results

  1. Using ip link show check if bonding is configured properly. "bond0" should has state "MASTER", physical ethernet interfaces should have state "SLAVE" and "master bond0" in their attributes.


  • Go through Ethernet test case for each bonding mode.
  • Test other bonding modes like: XOR, Broadcast, 802.3ad, Adaptive transmit load balancing, Adaptive load balancing