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  • Connect to network using Ethernet.
  • Enable Wireless networking.

How to test

  1. Open "Network Management Settings" dialog in KDE.
  2. Navigate "Wireless" tab and then "Add" - "Shared".
  3. Setup Hotspot properties like SSID, encryption, password, IPv4 and IPv6 settings, etc...
  4. Check "WLAN Interface" properties using "Network Management" applet.
  5. Connect to wireless network using another device (notebook, smartphone, tablet, etc.).
  6. You can disable and re-enable hotspot. Other devices should disconnect and reconnect properly.

Expected Results

  1. "WLAN Interface" properties should contain correct "Access Point (SSID)" and "Traffic" graph and counter should show correct informations.
  2. Hotspot should be visible for other devices with same SSID and encryption and you can connect to it using correct password.


  1. Try more Hotspot configurations in "Network Management Settings".
  2. Login to Gnome, enable Hotspot and test it.