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This test case cover Network Manager configuration via nmcli.


Have LAN connection available, preferably with IPv4/IPv6 dualstack support.

How to test

  1. Run nmcli nm status to get actual Network Manager state. Disable and re-enable wireless using GUI and hardware switch.
  2. Disable and re-enable wireless using nmcli nm wifi off and nmcli nm wifi on.
  3. Run nmcli con list to get informations about connections.
  4. Activate connection using: nmcli con up id "NAME and deactivate using: nmcli con down id "NAME
  5. Run nmcli dev status to show current interfaces status and compare it with ip link. Try disconnect and reconnect interfaces in random.
  6. Get list of available wireless networks nmcli dev wifi list
  7. Connect to open, WEP or WPA-PSK wireless network using: nmcli dev wifi connect 'SSID' password 'password' wep-key-type key and disconnect using: nmcli dev disconnect iface wlan0

Expected Results

  1. nmcli nm status should inform about actual Network Manager state. "WIFI" should reflect GUI status and "WIFI-HARDWARE" hardware status.
  2. Check if wireless is disabled and re-enabled using ip link and iwconfig commands.
  3. nmcli con list should show correct "NAME and "TYPE", compare it with your desktop GUI.
  4. Connection can be activated and deactivated properly.
  5. "nmcli" and "ip" interfaces state should match. "nmcli" should inform correctly about interfaces state.
  6. Compare results with iwlist scan command. "nmcli" should provide same informations.
  7. You can successfully connect and disconnect from wireless network.