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A complete installation using a RAID6 device for the root (/) file system . For more details on RAID please consult .

How to test

  1. Boot the installer using any available means (boot.iso, CD, DVD, PXE or live image)
  2. Proceed to the partitioning step
  3. Delete all partitions to start with empty disk(s)
  4. Create the required boot partitions needed for your architecture. This includes /boot and swap.
  5. Create at least 4 RAID member partitions. If you have multiple disks, it is preferred to place a RAID member on a separate disk. However, for this test we are not validating data redundancy or an optimal administrative setup. Therefore, it is okay to place all RAID members on the same disk.
  6. Create a RAID6 device using all RAID member partitions
  7. Complete with installation as desired

Expected Results

  1. Anaconda completes successfully
  2. Reboot successfully into installed system
  3. Confirm that the root filesystem is a RAID6 device with all expected RAID members by inspecting the contents of /proc/mdstat