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Perl core is not only an interpreter, but also a set of core modules – File::Spec, ExtUtils::MakeMaker, CPAN, etc. Some of these modules exist in core and in their own package as a convenience for the maintainer – we refer to these modules as "dual-life" modules.


You probably have installed Perl. If not, it's not a good idea to test it ;-)

How to test

  1. Do you have perl? rpm -q perl Great. This will require core modules, so they are installed, too (e.g. perl-PathTools, perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker)
  2. Will 'perl' or 'perl(Some::Module)' be installed in dnf upgrade? Did dnf upgrade pass? Then dual-life packages don't conflict with core package. No missing dependencies or NVR problems.
  3. Do you have only perl-interpreter because you like minimal installation? Great, than you can check if upgrade doesn't pull in any other unneeded dependencies.

Expected Results

  1. Clean yum upgrade without warnings, no NVR problems, no new useless dependencies in case of minimal Perl installation.