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Gnome Control Center (Sound Panel) Basics

Gnome Control Center also known as Settings in Gnome. This test case tests that various audio levels and devices can be controlled with Gnome Control Center on PipeWire.


  1. This test case should be performed on both bare-metal and virtual machines. Specify in the comments on which you performed this test.
  2. The computer must be equipped with a sound device and a microphone. If you do not have a microphone, only test the playback part.
  3. Install a desktop version of Fedora 37 (or later).
  4. Connect your speakers (headphones) and your microphone to your computer’s sound device.
  5. Perform the following steps as a regular user.
  6. This test case must only be performed on Gnome desktop or a desktop where Gnome Control Center is the desktop setting application. For other desktops, use the dedicated Settings application and approximate the instructions.

How to test

  1. Start Gnome Control Center and navigate to the Sound panel.
  2. Open the Output Device drop-down menu on the Output part and check that all your output audio devices are listed there.
  3. Open the Input Device drop-down menu on the Input part and check that all your input audio devices are listed there.
  4. Start an application to play some audio and confirm that the sound is playing over the device that is selected in the Output part.
  5. Check the VU meter below the active device and confirm that it is showing the volume level for that device.
  6. Use the System Volume slider to change the overall output volume and confirm that the output volume changes accordingly.
  7. Use the application volume slider in the Volume Levels part to change the output volume for the particular application and confirm that the output volume changes accordingly.
  8. Play sounds using several applications and change their volumes in the Volume Levels part to mix out their volume ratio in the final output mix. Confirm that the sound volume can be changed for all applications independently.
  9. Check that the output balance can be set up using the Balance slider.
  10. Check that sound comes in through the selected device (see it on the Input Device VU meter) and that the input level can be set using the Volume slider below.
  11. Check that you can set up Alert Sounds and that the appropriate sound is played when you click any of the selection buttons (Bark, Drip, Glass, or Sonar).

Expected results

  1. Gnome Control Center starts.
  2. All system devices are listed in the application and can be selected for output and input.
  3. All tested features and controls work as expected.