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Selected applications — Audio support

This test case tests that the installed system can play audio over selected applications.


  1. This test case should be performed on both bare-metal and virtual machines.
  2. The computer must be equipped with a sound device.
  3. Install a desktop version of Fedora 34 (or later).
  4. Connect your speakers (headphones) to the default sound device.
  5. Perform the following steps as a regular user.

How to test

  1. Play a Youtube video in Firefox or the default web browser.
  2. Play a movie in Videos.
  3. Play a song in Rhythmbox.
  4. While playing the multimedia, try to pause, unpause, stop, restart, and navigate (seek), etc.

Expected results

  1. All above mentioned applications play sound correctly over the default sound device.
  2. It must be possible to pause, unpause, stop, and restart the playback and navigate in the audio file.