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This test case helps you generate and upload results for power measurements for an idle machine running tuned.

How to test

  1. Ensure powertop and tuned are installed
  2. Download the simple result script from here: [1]
  3. Ensure you have reported your system information to Smolt according to these instructions
  4. Reboot the system in runlevel 1
    1. During startup press b to edit the kernel boot parameters
    2. Add a 1 at the end of the line
    3. Continue booting
  5. When the machine reaches runlevel 1 start the following services
    1. Start the tuned server:
      service tuned start
    2. Start your network:
      ifup eth0
  6. Run the test twice, with a 5 minute pause in the middle. This can be done by typing:
    ./ 60 /usr/local/testday-091022/tuned1 ; sleep 5m; ./ 60 /usr/local/testday-091022/tuned2

Expected Results

  1. The output of the can be found in /usr/local/testday-091022/tuned1/result.txt and /usr/local/testday-091022/tuned2/result.txt. Copy & paste the contents of those files into wiki table together with a link to your smolt profile.