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This test is intend for view some stress situation, (procesor usage, disk usage, vsftpd, ...). Each of test is now setuped to 20 secs. Run test and wait until end.

How to test

  1. Install vsftpd, powertop, bltk -
    # yum install vsftpd powertop bltk wget lftp
  2. Download script from PowerManagement script -
     # cd /tmp; wget
  3. Change runlevel into 1 -
    # init 1
  4. Change directory to where is script -
    # cd /tmp
  5. Run downloaded script and wait until end
    # bash
  6. you can go back into 5 runlevel -
    # init 5
  7. Send output file
    into fedora pages

Expected Results

  1. Proper result is have in dir archive
    , which contain output files for each steps.