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This test case tests if the pm-utils bug report functionality is working properly.

You need account on in order to upload the bugreport. If you don't have account and you do not plan to get one, only signal if this test passed or failed in the result table.


  1. Check that you have pm-test-day package installed:
    $ rpm -q pm-test-day
  2. Make sure you have uploaded your smolt profile to Smolt according to these instructions

How to test

  1. Run the following command:
    # | pmtd-write-report
    • The pmtd-write-report command generates unique name from the smolt HW-UUID and writes the data from stdin to this file. In case you don't want to upload your smolt profile or the pmtd-write-report command fails, you can alternatively create unique file name by hand and redirects the output there, but please make sure that you don't overwrite someone else report when uploading.
  2. Upload the generated TXT file and add link to the results table.
Please be carefull not to overwrite someone's else bugreport.

Expected Results

  1. Information about your system and last suspend / hibernate are collected and textual report is generated.