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tuned-adm is utility for switching profiles. At the moment we have seven profiles. Every profile has different values for setting up the environment for special tasks. We'd like to have tested all of them even if some of them can't have better results on laptop. In case you don't want measure them all then please measure at least the first two profiles designed for laptop.

* laptop-battery-powersave - saving the battery maximally
* laptop-ac-powersave - settings for laptop on adapter (occasionally discharging battery)

These two should show differences.

* spindown-disk - lower spins of disc, quiet and effective on laptop and server
* default - basic settings

The other settings are self descriptive and we'd like to have them also measured on your laptops, even if doesn't show the best numbers. It's only for our comparison.

* desktop-powersave
* latency-performance
* server-powersave
* throughput-performance

How to test

  1. tuned-adm profile laptop-battery-powersave
  2. measure with 'bltk -R -n 4 -r /usr/local/testday-091022/bltk/tuned-adm/'
  3. tuned-adm off
  4. now you can measure another profile as they are listed on top of this page.
  5. tuned-adm profile laptop-ac-powersave
  6. measure with 'bltk -R -n 4 -r /usr/local/testday-091022/bltk/tuned-adm/'
  7. tuned-adm off

Expected Results

  1. Output files from bltk will be moved in /usr/local and compressed into tar file. This need to be done by user in last step of testing.