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This test case measures energy consumed by you system while in active idle with powersave tuned profile activated.

Limited audience
This test targets laptop users or users with wattmeter.
Long test
This test will take approx. 15 minutes.
Optional test case
If you do not have laptop (or PC with wattmeter) or if you do not enough time feel free to skip this test. In this case please leave the corresponding column in the results table blank.
Complementary test case
If you complete this test, please also complete the Active idle test.


  1. Check that you have pm-test-day package installed:
    $ rpm -q pm-test-day

For better results disable screensaver, screen dimming/turning off, transition to sleep mode and cron service:

  1. Disable screensaver (if applicable).
  2. Disable automatic suspend and screen blanking, in Gnome 3:
    $ gnome-control-center power
    • In "Suspend & Power Off" check that the "Automatic Suspend" is set to "Off".
    • In "Power Saving" set "Blank Screen" to "Never".
  3. For all measurements set LCD brigthness to max. value (if applicable) or at least to the same value for all measurements (if possible indicate your brightness level in the results table).
  4. Disable cron:
    # systemctl stop crond.service
  5. If you have secondary video card, please disable it by following instructions on [1]

How to test

Run from battery
This test needs to be run on battery (laptops) or with connected external wattmeter. In case you have laptop and also use external wattmeter please disconnect battery.
Battery charge level
If you are running on battery, please recharge your battery to full capacity before running this test. If you don't have enough time, you can skip the recharging.
Measurement problems
If it complains that the test cannot be run on your computer, use external wattmeter or skip this test.
Screen blanking
If the screen blanks during the measurement, unblank it by e.g. mouse movement.
  1. Activate tuned by:
     # systemctl start tuned.service
  2. Enable tuned powersave profile by:
    # tuned-adm profile powersave
  3. If you have laptop running on battery, run the following command:
    # pmtd-measure
    Otherwise connect your external wattmeter and measure energy consumed in 15 minute interval.
  4. Do not touch your computer until the test completes (15 minutes).
  5. Write the output to the results table.

Expected Results

  1. Energy consumed during the test.