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This test is probably the most time-consuming. We would like to have tested all tuned daemon profiles. Each profile sets different enviroment values which can influence system consumption. In case you don't want measure them all, please, measure at least the first two profiles.

The test uses BTLK reader test for measurement.

Privileges: normal user (asking for root password when switching profiles)
Runlevel: multiuser (X11)
ETA: 2.5 minutes each profile

How to test

Running programs
Any other programs must not run during the test! Even your internet browser with this instructions (it is necessary for reader test).
BLTK simulated load
BLTK is performing reproducible load by doing some tasks in OpenOffice and Firefox. Do not panic when it starts controlling these programs.
Therefore, please, do not touch anything except the script will ask you to do something. Otherwise you can damage the results.
  1. Charge your battery.
  2. Disable screensaver.
  3. Reboot your computer.
  4. Login as a normal user.
  5. Open terminal window.
  6. Unplug power cable.
  7. Run as many as you can: testday-run-tunedprofiles <profile-name>
    1. laptop-battery-powersave (important)
    2. laptop-ac-powersave (important)
    3. default
    4. spindown-disk
    5. desktop-powersave
    6. latency-performance
    7. server-powersave
    8. troughtput-performance

Expected Results

The results will be stored in /usr/share/testday-091022/results directory with timestamp. Do not modify anything in this directory.