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As of Fedora 18, preupgrade has been replaced by FedUp, which was itself replaced by the DNF_system_upgrade plugin. See Category:Upgrade_system.


This test verifies upgrading a Fedora system from the current stable release (Fedora 40) to the development release (Rawhide/Fedora 41) using PreUpgrade. Verification will confirm that is able to detect and recover from 2 low disk space conditions:

  1. Insufficient disk space on /boot partition for the installer files vmlinuz, initrd.img and install.img
  2. Insufficient disk space on /boot partition for the installer file install.img
This test requires you to have a wired connection to the internet during the install.

How to test

  1. Perform an installation of the current stable release (e.g. Fedora 40) with default partitioning (200MB for /boot).
  2. Create a file that takes up enough space that there is insufficient remaining disk space for preupgrade to download kernel and initrd.img. That means we need to fill up /boot. Here's how to do that as root:
    # dd if=/dev/zero of=/boot/preupgrade_filler bs=1M count=170
  3. Install the newest available version of Package-x-generic-16.pngpreupgrade.
  4. Run preupgrade from a command prompt or the Run Application dialog. Provide the requested password for root authorization.
  5. On the Choose desired release screen, enable unstable test releases.
  6. Choose Rawhide from the list of available upgrade targets, then click Apply.
  7. While downloading, preupgrade should warn that it failed to download installer data. Click quit for that.
  8. Next, change the amount of available disk space on the /boot partition by reducing the size of the /boot/preupgrade_filler file to 100MB. This should leave sufficient room for preupgrade to download the kernel and initrd.img but not enough room to download install.img. Once again, use the dd command:
    # dd if=/dev/zero of=/boot/preupgrade_filler bs=1M count=100
  9. Re-run preupgrade. When prompted, click Yes to resume your upgrade.
  10. While downloading, preupgrade should warn that there wasn't enough space to download install.img but it can be downloaded after reboot if you have a wired network connection. Click continue for that.
  11. When preupgrade is done don't reboot immediately. Instead, remove the /boot/preupgrade_filler file and make sure your computer is connected to the network via an ethernet cable.
    # rm /boot/preupgrade_filler
  12. Click reboot.

Expected Results

  1. At first time, the preupgrade utility will fail to download installer data and be unable to proceed.
  2. At second time, preupgrade will offer to resume the previous upgrade attempt. Additionally, the user is prompted with a warning indicating Not enough space to download install.img. Preupgrade will allow the update to continue.
  3. After reboot, the system should boot into the installer, connect to the internet and begin downloading the stage2 installer image.
  4. The system should be upgraded to new version without error.
  5. After upgrade, a user must be able to:
    • Login to the desktop
    • Activate a network connection
    • The default terminal and web browsers must start successfully