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This test case describes the scenario of using complicated options while printing

How to test

  1. Open a multi-page pdf document in evince or okular. File:Testpages.pdf can be used as a document.
  2. Go to the print dialog and select some 'complicated' options, like
    • 2-up, duplex
    • 2-up, first even, then odd
    • pages 2-4, 3 collated copies
  3. Repeat these tests with the 'Print to File' printer

Expected Results

What is reasonable?
Note that we ask for you to judge whether the system behaviour is 'reasonable' or not, without prescribing the exact outcome. If some aspect of the system behaviour is surprising or confusing to you, it is probably worth pointing out.
  • Reasonable behaviours might be:
    1. The document should come out of the printer in the way you expected it
    2. If the printer cannot satisfy certain options or combinations of options, the dialog should indicate that and refuse to print
    3. A printer status icon should appear in the notification area and give you access to your past and current print jobs