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This test case describes making your desktop available on the network

How to test

  1. Open 'Remote Desktop Preferences' (in the menus under System ➛ Preferences ➛ Remote Desktop)
  2. Turn on 'Allow other users to view your desktop'
  3. Take note of the address that is shown in the yellow box
  4. On another computer, (install and) open vinagre (in the menus under Applications ➛ Internet ➛ Remote Desktop Viewer)
  5. Click the 'Connect' button and enter the address in the 'Host' field
  6. Verify that you see a live copy of the first computers desktop
  7. Repeat the above steps with various settings in the 'Security' section of the 'Remote Desktop Preferences'

Expected Results

What is reasonable?
Note that we ask for you to judge whether the system behaviour is 'reasonable' or not, without prescribing the exact outcome. If some aspect of the system behaviour is surprising or confusing to you, it is probably worth pointing out.
  • Expected results:
    1. Desktop sharing works on both local and non-local networks
    2. When you are in a local network, you can also start a connection by clicking the 'Find' button in vinagres 'Connect' dialog, instead of entering the address manually
    3. Confirmations and passwords are checked as configured, before the desktop is shared