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Test installation of zram-generator only (disabled by default)

How to test

  1. We recommend to remove the following packages. The swap-on-zram implementations in those packages have minor conflicts with zram-generator, but mostly they'll just contribute to user confusion.
    sudo dnf remove anaconda zram
  2. Install zram-generator:
    sudo dnf install zram-generator
  3. Reboot your machine
  4. Verify that swap-on-zram is not active. zramctl should produce no output and swapon should only list your pre-existing swap partitions (if you had any) and no zram device. In other words, everything should look like it usually does, because zram-generator isn't enabled by default. Example:
    $ zramctl 
    $ swapon
    /dev/vda1  partition 500M   0B   -2

Expected Results

  1. The zram-generator is installed without issues, and is not activated after a reboot.