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Install Fedora AArch64 (ARM 64) as a VM on your x86 machine.


Install UEFI packages and configure libvirt

These steps are documented over here. Follow all the instructions under the 'setup' section:

Install qemu-system-aarch64

Install qemu-system-aarch64 and EDK2 for AArch64: sudo dnf install qemu-system-aarch64 edk2-aarch64

How to test

Install with virt-manager

Install with virt-install

virt-install should do the correct thing when you specify --arch aarch64. So do a typical --cdrom or --location install with the media referenced above, and ensure the install completes correctly.

CDROM example:

 sudo virt-install \
    --name aarch64-f32-cdrom --ram 2048 --disk size=10 \
    --os-variant fedora32 --arch aarch64 \
    --cdrom /path/to/Fedora-Server-dvd-aarch64-32-1.6.iso

Expected Results

Guest starts fine, seems usable.