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Install a Fedora VM from PXE.


Setting up PXE is outside the scope of this test case.
If you don't have a pre-existing PXE setup, please skip this test.

Initial test day setup, a pre-existing PXE setup. Either a specially configured virtual network or host bridge device is required for guests to PXE boot.

How to test


  1. Run virt-manager (should autoconnect to qemu)
  2. Launch the 'New VM' wizard
  3. Choose the 'PXE' option
  4. Make sure to enter a valid OS type, it's important for performance defaults.
  5. Proceed with through the wizard, using the default suggested values.
  6. On the final page, use the VM name: test-day-vm
  7. Ensure there are no network warnings on the final page. Choose the appropriate network device for PXE booting.
  8. Start the install, and perform the install as you would on a normal machine.


An example virt-install invocation looks like

 $> virt-install --name test-day-vm --ram 2048 --disk size=10 \
        --os-variant fedora21 --pxe

Expected Results

Guest installations start and perform without any issues. Guest is bootable after install completes.