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Perform hotplug and hotunplug of a virtio scsi disk


An initial VM is required. There should be instructions linked from the test day page. This VM should not already have any virtio scsi devices attached.

How to test

  1. Make sure the initial VM is turned off.
  2. Attach a virtio scsi controller to the guest
 $> sudo virsh edit $vmname
 $> # To the <devices> block, add: <controller type='scsi' model='virtio'/>
 $> # save and exit
  1. Start virt-manager, open VM details -> Add Hardware
  2. Select Storage, choose an existing disk image (or create a new one), set device type to 'scsi disk', and proceed.
  3. Connect to the guest graphical console, verify that a new disk has appeared in the system.
  4. In the VM details section, select the new disk, click 'Remove'
  5. Verify that the disk is no longer visible inside the VM

Expected Results

No obvious errors encountered.