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This test case checks that a Fedora Xen DomU can balloon to various memory sizes.

Как проводить тестирование

  1. Use $> free -m to check the memory available to the guest.
  2. Shutdown the guest and edit your xen configuration file (e.g. in /etc/xen). Either add or modify the "maxmem" parameter in that file, adjusting it to the amount of memory you have in your machine minus 1GB (to save for the dom0). For example, if you have a machine with 4GB of memory, then set the maxmem parameter to 3000.
  3. Start guest again. Check that the same amount of memory is available as before, again using $> free -m.
  4. Balloon down the Dom0. On the command-line of the Dom0, as root run
    $> virsh setmem Domain-0 $(( 900 * 1024 ))
    Check that Dom0 now only has 900Mb available.
  5. Still on the Dom0 command-line, balloon up the guest using
    $> virsh setmem rawhide $(( 3000 * 1024 ))
    Wait about 20 seconds and use $> free -m inside the guest to check that the guest now has the specified amount of memory available.
  6. Repeat the last step for a number of different values. Especially if you have a machine with > 4GB of memory, repeatedly balloon the guest above and below the 4GB boundary, try other values, etc.

Ожидаемые результаты

  1. Guest should not crash while ballooning up and down, no matter what values are given.
  2. Guest should not have any softlockup or other warning messages in dmesg while ballooning up and down.