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This test case checks whether Xfce Settings Manager's Input Method applet works correctly.

How to test

  1. Install Fedora (this test can apply to multiple versions of Fedora and Xfce; if you are doing this test independently, pick one you are interested in, otherwise install the ones being used in the event you are taking part in)
  2. Install Xfce: yum install @XFCE
  3. Install scim: yum install scim
  4. Log in to Xfce
  5. Run the Settings Manager: Fedora menu -> Settings -> Xfce 4 Settings Manager
  6. Run the Input Method applet: click Input Method
  7. Check the 'Enable input method feature' box
  8. Check, then uncheck, the 'Show the status icon' box
  9. Click the 'Input Method Preferences...' button

Expected Results

  1. Checking 'Enable input method feature' should enable SCIM - you should see a small keyboard icon in the system tray. If you know how to use SCIM, check that it works - it should
  2. Checking 'Show the status icon' should make the SCIM status icon show up in the system tray; unchecking it should remove the icon again
  3. Clicking 'Input Method Preferences...' should run SCIM's configuration application