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This test case verifies that adcli info correctly identifies that a domain controller not in its local site may not be completely usable.


  1. Setting up the requirements for this test is somewhat complex.
  2. Make sure to complete the prerequisites before starting this test.
  3. Test general adcli info functionality before doing this test.
  4. The domain must have multiple sites with one domain controller in each site.
  5. The domain controller for the non-local site should be writable (the default).

How to test

  1. Choose a domain controller that is not in the local site. You can use the Active Directory Sites and Services to do this.
  2. Run adcli to get domain info for the domain controller.
    $ adcli info

Expected Results

The output should correctly identify the domain and domain-controller.

The output contain the following, which denotes that the controller may not work correctly with adcli from the local machine:

domain-controller-usable = maybe


  • Use the --verbose argument to provide output when troubleshooting or reporting bugs.