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As of Fedora 40, the ability to configure additional repositories interactively in the installer has been removed.


This test case exercises the addition of a metalink-based package repository during installation. Testing also includes verifying proper installation of packages included in the repository.

How to test

  1. Boot the installer using any available non-live means (anything except Live.iso)
  2. Go to the INSTALLATION SOURCE page
  3. Click the + button under Additional repositories to add a repository
  4. Give the repository a name, and set the URL to be the URL of a valid metalink, e.g.
  5. Set the "URL type:" to "metalink"
  6. Click "Done", and proceed with the installation as usual
  7. Once installation is complete, boot the installed system. If you used the example URL above, you can check that a package called testpackage is installed, e.g. with rpm -q testpackage

Expected Results

  1. The additional repository configuration is accepted by the installer
  2. Installation completes successfully
  3. If the additional repository contains a higher version of an installed package than the install repository, the version from the additional repository is installed; or if the repository contains a package configured to supplement an installed package, that package is installed (the example repository's testpackage package is configured to supplement glibc, so it should always get installed)