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This test case ensures the correct functioning of bluedevil, the Bluetooth manager for KDE Plasma.


  1. Ensure you have a Fedora system with the KDE Plasma desktop environment installed.
  2. Install bluedevil: sudo dnf install bluedevil.
  3. Ensure your computer has Bluetooth hardware support.
  4. Have a Bluetooth-enabled device (e.g., smartphone, headphones) ready for pairing.

How to test

  1. Open the KDE System Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Bluetooth section.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth using the provided toggle.
  4. Make sure your computer is discoverable. You should see your computer's name or Bluetooth alias on the list of available devices on your Bluetooth-enabled device.
  5. Initiate a pairing request from the Bluetooth-enabled device.
  6. Accept the pairing request on your computer.
  7. Once paired, if it's a smartphone, try sending a file from the smartphone to your computer.
  8. If it's an audio device, like headphones, try playing a song or video on your computer and check the audio output on the paired device.
  9. Disconnect and unpair the device from the KDE Bluetooth settings.
  10. Now, try pairing from your computer to the Bluetooth-enabled device.

Expected Results

  1. KDE System Settings should display the Bluetooth section without any errors.
  2. Your computer should be discoverable by other Bluetooth devices when Bluetooth is turned on.
  3. Pairing requests should be detected and can be accepted/rejected seamlessly.
  4. File transfers, if done, should complete successfully.
  5. Audio devices should play the system's audio without lags or interruptions.
  6. Devices should be able to be unpaired successfully and be paired again without issues.


For deeper testing:

  1. Test with different types of Bluetooth devices: speakers, mice, keyboards, etc.
  2. Ensure that system restarts or logouts don't affect the Bluetooth settings or paired devices adversely.
  3. Test the range of the Bluetooth connection.
  4. Examine the behavior when multiple Bluetooth devices are connected simultaneously.